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1. Des Orielles: 3D sculpting, particle system + physics, key-framing, water modifier


2. Pinballs: 3D modelling using Bezier curves, assigning materials, collider meshes, key-frame animation


3. Tennis paddle: 3D model, motion- keyframing, 2D-toon filter


4. Brick: 3D model with destruction modifier, physics + physics properties, key frame animation, and force fields, animating render layers


5. Enough: 3D environment made using Quill (available on Occulus Rift), based on original work + illustration


6. Cells: Experimentation with particles systems, UV-wrapping, baking in textures, displace modifier


7. De-constructed Face: 3D sculpting, hair particle systems, UV-wrapping for skin texture using node systems, lighting - original imagery


8. Les Environments de Boites: 3D environment made in Blender, 3D modelling with high level of detail, UV-mapping

9. D'échecs: 3D modelling using photo reference, key-frame animation, anti-gravity environment, node texture background

10. Underwater: 3D environment using Quill (available on Occulus Rift), original work + illustration

11. Crying Eyes: 3D models, motion key-framing

12. Desert Scene: 3D environment made in Blender, Low Poly 3D model, original concept & design

13. La Peau: Displacement Maps, Texture UV mapping + displace modifier, key-frame animation

14. Particles systems + assigning materials using node systems

15. Animation des boites: UV-Mapping, key-frame animation

16. Cloud:3D Model + destruction modifier + anti-gravity space + key-frame animation

17. NWRK: 3D model with texture baking + texture mapping, key-frame animation

18. Tink Galerie: 3D modelling, key-frame animation